VJ Junior detained for calling filmmakers pigs


Kampala’s popular movie translator, Marysmats Matovu alias VJ Junior, and his colleague, Geoffrey Bbosa, have been in detention since Tuesday for allegedly calling Ugandan filmmakers ‘pigs’ in a WhatsApp group.

VJ Junior, who is also the LC3 councillor for Bwaise II in Kawempe Division, and Bbosa, were arrested by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Fr Simon Lokodo, for harassing members of Uganda Film Council in a WhatsApp.

The movie translator was charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication, the first time Uganda police charges a person for a comment made in a WhatsApp group-one of the private social media platforms.

The spokesman of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Vicent Ssekate, told Daily Monitor the two offences have already been sanctioned by the Resident State Attorney against the two suspects and others still at large.

Lokodo also accuses them of producing and circulating pornographic materials on CDs, flash disks and other devices across the country, before detaining them at CID headquarters.

Victoria University

VJ Junior and his colleague lead an association, which has rivalry with the Uganda Film Producers Association on how much they should be charged for the production and distribution of films.



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