Video: Nira official asks bribes for national IDs


Officials attached to the National Identification and registration Authority (NIRA) are on the spot for conning the public Shs50,000 to register them for national identity cards.

George Ouma, is one such official who has been cited in bribery as members of the public struggle to secure ID cards ahead of the new sim card disconnection deadline set by government.

The official was caught on camera by NBS TV while visiting one of the registration centres.

Ouma asks those who go to have their data captured Shs50,000 to ease the process so they don’t line up in the long queues.

He has been doing this and even boasts of how his customers appreciate his services.

Victoria University

He had already picked Shs25,000 from two men to register them.

National Identification and Registration in Uganda

Micheal Muganga, the assistant public relations officer NIRA, told NBS TV the problem is that Ugandans like going for things on the last minute and that was why these dubious people start cheating them.

“We have no agents but employees,” Muganga said.

Follow the link here to see the only charges Nira put in place:

This came at a time Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] executive director, Godfrey Mutaabazi, ordered telecom companies to reactivate deactivated unregistered and unverified sim-cards.

On Tuesday, a mass registration of children aged between 5 and 16 for the national identity card project was launched in Western Uganda.

The launch held at Mbarara Oxford Inn, was attended by leaders from 22 districts in western Uganda in preparation for the exercise which will cover all primary and secondary schools, across the country.

The project will officially kick off on May 29 and end on August 25, 2017.

The registration is an undertaking by the National Identification Registration Authority-NIRA, a government entity mandated to register births and deaths in the country and to develop a National Identification Register for both citizens and legal residents.

Gilbert Kadilo, the NIRA Public Relations and Corporate Affairs Manager told Uganda Radio Network that the exercise is aimed at capturing data of children in the age bracket that is not currently recorded in the national registry data bank.

The pupils will however not be given National Identity cards but national identification number which will be used for the issuance of a National ID, once they turn 16.

During the initial registration in 2014, the authority captured data for citizens aged above 16.



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