Uganda coinage ‘boda boda’ enters oxford dictionary

The word boda boda was coined at Busia-border between Uganda and Kenya

Coined in Uganda and used widely in East Africa, the word “boda boda” has joined the latest words recently added to the 9th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

A part from boda boda, the dictionary has a few more new words-about 170– related to technology and more than a half-dozen to Twitter.

Boda bodas which commonly apply to bicycles and motorcycle that are used as portable taxis have revolutionised the transport sector easing movement in congested places and for those hurrying on tight schedules.

The word was first coined at small eastern town of Busia which separates Uganda and Kenya.

For Kenyans who did not want to use Matatus (taxis) for being expensive, they would hire either bicycles or motorcycles to take them to markets and other places.

Victoria University

It started with bicycles and later motorcycles as the transport sector boomed.

In Uganda, Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] says it has a list of 120,000 registered motorcycles in the city since 2013.

Similar transport means are common in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.



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