Lack of ideology creates a criminal state–Museveni

VP Ssekandi arriving at the Commonwealth Resort, (Speke Resort)Munyonyo.

The 44TH edition of the African Insurance Organisation conference and general assembly has commenced in Kampala under the theme “Furthering the financial inclusion agenda of African Nations through insurance.”

The conference that is being attended by over 1300 delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America run from 22nd – 25th May at Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo.

In a speech read for him by Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, President Yoweri Museveni said that Africa has not yet used its tremendous unequalled, potential by converting it into strength and this failure has been inability to detect ten strategic bottlenecks.

President Museveni enumerated the bottlenecks as ideological disorientation, attacking the private sector, inadequate infrastructure that causes the cost of doing business to be exorbitant, an underdeveloped human resource i.e. an uneducated population which is also in poor health, fragmented markets that cannot stimulate and sustain large scale production by providing adequate demand, lack of industrialization and continuing to export unprocessed raw materials, an underdeveloped agriculture,

“Lack of democracy, lack of ideology creating a criminal state – state that for instance kills people extra judicially instead of upholding the dignity of the people and their inalienable rights,” Museveni said in the message read by Ssekandi.

Victoria University

The opening ceremony was also addressed by the AIO President from Morocco, Bachir Baddou and Vice President AIO, Uganda’s Ibrahim Kaddunabbi Lubega.



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