Give some power to Ssekandi, Ndebesa asks Museveni

President Museveni greeting vice president Ssekandi and speakers of the 10th parliament

Makerere University Lecturer of History and Development Studies, Mwambustya Ndebesa, has recommend that President Yoweri Museveni delegates some powers to his deputy, Edward Ssekandi, so “the man can also be talked about”.

“We should delegate some decision making powers,” Ndebesa said Thursday morning while analysing the country’s political situation alongside Ambassador Henry Mayega on NBS television.

“Our Vice President is hardly talked about,” Ndebesa pointed out.

Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, a politician and lawyer who has been Vice President of Uganda since 24 May 2011, has served as the Speaker of Parliament from 2001 to 2011.

He has served as Member of Parliament for Bukoto County Central constituency since 1996.


A member of the ruling National Resistance Movement political party and sports enthusiast, Ssekandi spends most of his time meeting businessmen, opening conferences that are less followed or unreported, meeting farmers or talking about malaria and mosquito nets.

His activities are restricted to a Facebook page “Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda” which is followed by only 7,359 Ugandans and rarely checked by both citizens as well as media managers.

When he does appear in media, it’s largely the state-run New Vision once in a while. Indeed the man is rarely talked about, as Ndebesa notes.

“For any a person to invest in this country, they should have predictability and predictability comes as a result of stable institutions,” Ndebesa said today.

He added: “If I was on the constitution review committee, I would suggest a running mate for the president [or at least giving some more powers to Ssekandi.”

Amb Mayega, on the other hand, believes Museveni has built institutions that can easily run the country without him being everywhere at the same time.

“I believe President Museveni respects the institutions; Parliament, Executive and the Judiciary are working very well,” Mayega said.

“President Museveni has the executive powers, he is not a ceremonial head of state.”



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