Video: JK song ‘I’m still here’ touching hearts

Juliana Kanyamozi

Messages are still flowing on YouTube and other social media platforms from fans thanking songbird, Juliana Kanyomozi, for touching their hearts with her new song “I’m still here”.

“The wait is over. Video I’M STILL HERE is out. Follow the link below. Remember to subscribe to my channel,” Juliana announced her new video in March 2017.

The video now has 244,925 views, 4K likes and 197 dislikes on YouTube with over 704 comments both positive and negative.

The multiple award-winning, Ugandan pop musician, actress, and entertainer says the audio is available in major online stores. “Buy it.”

Juliana [Photo credit: Occhimagazine]
There are those claiming she made a Ugandan version of “ain’t your mama”, a hot single by Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as JLo, an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer.

Juliana says her musical masterpiece-I’m still here– was inspired her life experiences, challenges and the “human power to overcome and conquer the insurmountable”.

The song was written by Esther Nabaasa, produced by Michael Fingerz at Masters Music, mixed and mastered at Jazzworx in South Africa by Robin Kohl and Gregory Nottingham.

The video was directed by Justin Campos, produced by Candice Stylist Sanette Van Schalkwyk Shifting Sands African Couture while Precious Xaba worked on it as the makeup artist.

“I had never watched those videos before,” Juliana is quoted denying modelling her song on that of JLO.

She cited a case of another American songstress, Beyonce Knowles, who posts musical masterpieces only to be accused of “plagiarism” or outright material theft.

At the start of May, 2017, Juliana told Occhimagazine that I’m Still Here like the rest of her music was meant to “feel good, soulful, deep, and inspirational with a warm feel”.

“I did a lot of soul-searching and meditation on what direction I really wanted to go as an artist, as a woman, and on a very personal level – what I really want. I also spent a lot of time in studio creating and recording,” she told the magazine.

Juliana also narrated that as a little girl, she listened to a lot of Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson.

“As I grew up, I discovered other amazing voices like Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, and etc… I owe my career and singing ability to having listened to these artists.”



Juliana aimed to creating a song with an important message – that someone will learn something or be uplifted by it.

“It [a song] has to make sense to me, and I must feel a connection. If I don’t connect with the song, I know the listener will not connect, too,” she said.

She also took time to clear the public’s misconception that singers/ or celebrities “are reckless, detached, and proud”.

“But, in fact, we are the most sensitive, emotional, and caring beings. People also seem to think its always fun living in the limelight. They visualize money, power, and fame. Yes, it’s fun, but while those things are there, it can get very lonely too, for obvious reasons,” she told Occhimagazine.



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