Tamale calls Tumwebaze a confused minister

Tamale Mirundi

Loose-tongued presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, has added his voice to those condemning the ICT minister for the disconnection of unregistered and unverified sim cards.

Speaking to Muyanga Lutaaya, the host of “NBS TV Extra” programme every Tuesday, Mirundi lashed at Minister Frank Tumwebaze for allegedly being “confused”.

He said the stampede resulting from last week’s sim cards switch off saw people even parting with their money in order to be re-registered so their cards could be reconnected.

Host: Did you register your SIM-card?

Tamale: I have an assistant, I’m a very busy man.

Victoria University

Mirundi then said the problem is not sim-cards, the problem is that government wants to assert its power.

Host: What was Tumwebaze’s mistake?

Tamale: Is Tumwebaze aware that these people lining up for National IDS are being charged 50K?

He went on: “It’s not role of the speaker [Rebecca Kadaga] to do the role of a confused minister [Tumwebaze].”

Taxi parks chaos

Mirundi was also challenged to comment on the ongoing brawls between taxi owners and taxi park barons.

Mirundi said those fighting in the taxi park are not taxi owners.

“You think an owner of a vehicle can smash a vehicle, these are not taxi owners. Hooliganism is fish and water, deny the fish water and it won’t prosper.”

Host: What can be done to restore sanity in the taxi park?

Tamale: Arrest the ones causing chaos.

Host: Who picked those people head the taxi park?

Tamale: They elected themselves and siding with a certain minister or security person.

On Papal blessing

The host made Mirundi comment on his receiving of the papal blessing in Rome a few years back, an experience he will never forget.

Host: What did you get from the Pope when he touched your head?

Tamale: I prayed for three things, long life for my mom, unity in my family and money.

Host: Do you believe in miracles?

Tamale: Miracles happen. I gave out a rosary and I got Shs5m instantly.



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