Luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju sick

Luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju is very sick

Gravity Omutujju, one of Uganda’s top Luga flow artists, who raps in Luganda, is reported sick and hospitalised.

The latest gossip indicates that he was hospitalised on Tuesday having fainted from his home.

The rapper had just returned from Mbale town where he performed at the Purple Party [hosted by Douglas Lwanga] over the weekend.

He was complaining of general weakness on Monday night. He is currently on drip at a yet to be established hospital.

He is currently on drip

Gravity Omutujju, real name Gereson Wabuyi, was born in 1993.

Victoria University

His father is Micheal Gesa and his mother, Jane Kajoina.

He attended Nakulabye Junior School for his primary education and Old Kampala secondary school for his Ordinary Level Secondary education.

He has a number of records to his name including; Tewemalangamu, Teli Dogo, Ekyebeyi, Ebijanjaalo, Olimba, Ndeekamwoyo, Batima, Walumbe Zaaya and Omwoto.

He won the Teeniez breakout artist in 2013, won the Best hip hop song at the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards in 2013 and was nominated Best hip hop song for the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards in 2014.



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