Burundi cop shoots colleague, soldiers arrested  

A Burundi policeman fires at protesters in the capital

A Burundian police officer is reported to have shot, with intent to kill, his colleague injuring him in the thigh.

The spokesman of the Burundi police, Pierre Nkurikiye, told Sos Médias Burundi, the incident happened In Gihehe Giheta (Gitega Province, central part of the country).

“A policeman shot his colleague, seriously injuring him at the level of the thigh,” Nkurikiye said.

He said the motive for the shooting is still unknown.

“It would be a criminal intent,” Nkurikiye noted.

Victoria University

The alleged perpetrator of the crime is incarcerated in the dungeons of the Gitega police station.

The victim is admitted at the regional hospital of Gitega where he was first rushed to receive first aid.

In a separate incident, a Burundian was shot and killed at the border with Tanzania on Monday night.

The incident happened at Murama hill in the commune and Muyinga province, North-East of the country.

He was suspected of being part of the fraudsters who came from the neighbouring Tanzania.

Three soldiers and one civilian were arrested for investigations.

In another development, police recovered four grenades found by farmers on the hill of Nyabigina in the commune and province of Makamba, South of the country.

According to the local administration, the ground was rented by an association of farmers.

The weapons are abandoned by people who are afraid of the excavations-searches made in this town, according to authorities.

The Police of civil protection intervened to retrieve the devices.



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