Basalirwa: Museveni has excessive love for power

JEEMA president Lawyer Asuman Basalirwa talking to press recently

The President of JEEMA Party, Asuman Basalirwa, says the problem with the current Ugandan government is the president’s alleged excessive love for power.

“I think the government has a confidence crisis,” Basalirwa said Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS television show “morning breeze”.

He said government should be thinking of how to address the phenomenon involving the current sim card switch off crisis.

“Why is that when government enrols out a project, the people become suspicious? The government is operating in a fire brigade manner.”

He said biggest challenge that government continues to face is enrolling projects without doing a background check, saying a project like sim card registration and verification should be preceded by early notice so that people are aware and also avoid excuses.


“Who has authority over SIM card verification project? We should closely look at these layers of authority. What is the role of regulators if President Museveni can provide a solution for everything?” he wondered.

He then summed it up: “Mr Museveni has excessive love for power and he doesn’t want to see growth in institutions and people. The first thing President Museveni should have done is to apologise to the people.”

Government deputy spokesperson, Shaban Bantariza, revealed that 92% of Ugandans have verified SIM cards, saying the extension was for the 8% because everyone matters.

“What we’ve is a population that takes things for granted but I’m happy that majority had verified their SIM cards.”

He claimed that many Ugandans are saying that the switch-off was good. “At least now we know that there are issues to sort out. The inconvenience in the 8% is very important and it should be taken seriously and learn lessons.”

He also denied an impasse between Executive and Parliament.



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