King Lawrence says Zari waiting to grab Ivan’s assets

Zari, the boss Lady

Rich Gang moneybag, Ivan Ssemwanga, is still on life support at Steve Biko hospital in the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria.

His former sweetheart, Zarina Tlale aka Zari, looking after him also she is still hitched to the Tanzanian lover and music star, Diamond Platnumz, for whom she bore two kids-a boy and a girl.

Ivan lies gravely ill

However, the latest disturbing report from Pretoria indicates that Zari is actually nursing Ivan’s life to its ‘conclusive end’ so she can take over his assets.

This grave piece of information was leaked by Ivan’s cousin and business partner, King Lawrence, the second member of Rich Gang which also includes Edward Kyeyune better known as Ed Cheune.

In this absurd leak, Lawrence who says is no longer on social media especially Facebook accuses Zari of plotting to grab Ivan’s property before running back to her Tanzanian lover.

Ivan and King Lawrence
Victoria University

“But it’s true Zari called Ivan’s brother Sir Pinto and told him that she is going to take all Ivan’s assets 100%,” Lawrence confirmed.

He added: “That she will continue to be with Platinuzm as she also takes everything.”

The sexy socialite hooked up with Diamond at the close of 2014 after separating with her toy boy, Farouk Ssempala, a month earlier.

But when Ivan was admitted with a heart attack a week ago, Zari rushed to his bed side to nurse him.

According to Lawrence, Zari takes advantage because he is busy with his businesses in another area and Ivan’s brothers are ‘weak alcoholics.

“So that is why she has taken over everything. That’s when I went there yesterday and confronted her and I warned her not to ever think about it.”

Zari in her good time

He added: “I went here and put her in a straight-line.”

Where did the money Zari wants come from?

Writing in 2015, Big Eye, a Ugandan entertainment website, said tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga’s grandfather Pinto was a prominent business man in Nakaliro town in Kayunga.

After Zari was dumped by her first hubby, she met Ivan in 2000. Ivan managed get illegal travel documents and travel by bus to South Africa through Zambia.

He was arrested with the fake travel documents at the Zambian boarder, robbed clean but later rescued by his friends.

She is a mistress of fashion

Upon arriving in South Africa, Ivan started working at a local Shrine in the city of Pretoria, making a killing from rich clients whom he washed with ‘holy’ water hence earning himself the title ‘sangoma’ [a Zulu/nguni word for medicine man].

Ivan managed to establish several other shrines across the country and soon bought his first car, a BMW.

He then called Zari to South Africa where they established more businesses by hooking up influential politicians.

Calling her sexy is a repetition

To continue bringing in money, Ivan is said to have tamed a snake to convince clients that he was genuine and also flew in a witchdoctor from Kayunga to help him run his business as clients kept pouring in.

This way, he became wealthier than he had ever imagined. He has three kids with Zari.


They first separated in May 2013 with Zari hooking up a basketball player, Isaac Lugudde, whom she shortly broke up with and reunited with her husband.

In June 2013, the couple separated again after Zari accused Ivan of cheating on her with The Obsession songbird and dancer, Sharon O. He even bought her a mansion in Munyonyo.

Zari herself picked a toy boy called Jay to compensate herself and revenge on Ivan.

In May 2014, while jilted and desperate Ivan was drinking away his days at Club Guvnor, Zari picked a new catch, a one Farouk Ssempala.

Ivan never really loved Zari?

It was during that time King Lawrence told tabloids that Ivan had never been in love with Zari, that he actually loved former Obsessions dancer cum singer, Sharon O.

“Ivan never loved Zari, he is in love for the very first time thanks to Sharon O,” King Lawrence said, describing Zari as a social climber who only wanted Ivan for money.

But Zari then claimed she had already left Ivan on her own.



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