Kadaga: All cattle projects go to Mbarara, what about Kamuli?


The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga has tasked the Ministry of Agriculture to restore the Kamuli Kaliro and Buyende Cattle Corridor so as to improve the livelihoods of the people of Busoga.

“Kamuli Kaliro and Buyende is part of the Cattle Corridor, I have made several pleas to government but every time a project comes up it’s taken to Sembabule, Mbarara and other places,” Hon Kadaga said.

The Speaker made these remarks while officiating at a handover ceremony of cattle to the Kamuli district leaders on Sunday 21st May 2017 at Kamuli district headquarters.

She told the meeting that over 200 heads of cattle, 200 goats and 5000 chicken were to be given out to the people in Kamuli by the government of Uganda.

“People need to take their animals to water points that is why the dams were built. However, they are now all silted,” she said.

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Kadaga said that she has written to the Ministry of Agriculture but she has been frustrated by the non-response from them.

“I wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture about two years ago but I was told that there were no funds to do the job. I also went to the Ministry of Finance but and I was told to look for Ushs 100million to do the job myself, which was impossible for me,” she said.

Hon Kadaga told the Minister that there are very many milk collection centres in Kamuli, and it was therefore essential for the Ministry to help the people in the district to desilt the dams and also build new ones.

She also tasked the Minister to create a Busoga Agricultural Institute for the Busoga region; adding that this was a Resolution of the 7th Parliament but nothing has been done todate.

The State minister for Agriculture Hon. Christopher Kibanzanga thanked the Speaker for launching the cattle programme, which will benefit the people of Kamuli.

Hon Kibanzanga said that for a long time Busoga has faced issues stemming from poverty and nutrition.

“This program as launched by the Speaker will contribute greatly to the fight against poverty and nutrition,” he said.

The Minister said that people are experiencing malnutrition not because they lack what to eat, but because they always take the best animals to the markets, leaving the poor quality feeds for their children.

“If well managed, these cows can give 15 -20 litres of milk per day.  Therefore before you take all to the market, please spare at least three litres for your families,” he said.

He told the Kamuli district leadership that Busoga as a region has relied so much on sugar cane growing which is a cash crop, adding that it was a government policy that people with less than five acres of land should not involve themselves into sugar cane growing or any other cash crops.

“I don’t know how much people get from cash crops because even when you rely on them you get little money, and you end up buying the food which leaves you with no money,” the Minister said.

Kibanzanga said that people should take government programmes seriously, such as the one in which the Speaker of Parliament launched investing in livestock in rural areas.



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