CID questions LoP Kiiza for defaming Kiyonga

LoP Kiiza talks on phone at Kibuli CID headquarters

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Winnie Kiiza, on Monday appeared at CID headquarters in Kibuli after police summons last week for allegedly defaming the former minister of Defence, Chrispus Kiyonga.

The summons dated May 9, 2017 were issued by AIGP Grace Akullo directing Kiiza to appear at Kibuli for questioning.

Kiiza did appear on Monday accompanied by colleagues: Hon. Godfrey Katusabe, MP Bukonjo County West; Hon. Robert Franco Centenary, MP Kasese Municipality; Muhindo Harold Tonny, MP Bukonzo County East  and Hon. Nzoghu William, MP Busongora North.

The group was received by IP Ahimbisibwe Ambrose, the commissioner in charge of Homicide Department at the CID headquarters at Kibuli Kampala.

Hon Kiiza was escorted by fellow parliamentarians from Kasese district [All photos credit: Sandy Apollo]
In her summons, Akullo wanted Kiiza to help the CID department on allegations that she made statements defaming Kiyonga at a press conference on April 4, 2016.

Victoria University

“…defamatory statements were allegedly uttered against hon Chrispus Kiyonga and that then minister of defence was fuelling tensions between security forces and Rwenzururu kingdom.”

“You are therefore in pursuant to the provision of section 27A of the Police Act required to report to Commissioner of Police in charge of Homicide Department at CID headquarters Kibuli on Thursday 18th may 2017 at 11000hrs to assist providing valuable information in the matter under investigation,” the summons read.

When she appeared, Kiiza denied knowledge of allegations made against her by Kiyonga.

Hon Kiiza chats with fellow MPs at Kibuli CID offices

The legislator, whose Barristers in the matter are Caleb Alaka and Ochieng Evans, said everything she told press was in relation to the security situation in Kasese district at the time and had nothing to do with a personal attack on the person of the former minister.

In January this year, police have arrested Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon Robert Centenary, in connection with the violence that happened in Kasese Region in 2016.

He was taken to CID offices in Kibuli and charged with Libel and Defamation against Kiyonga.

Centenary and Kiiza strongly condemned the November 2016 attacks on the Palace of the Rwenzururu King, Wesley Mumbere, leading to the death of 100 people and the detention of the king.



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