19 dead, 59 hurt in Manchester Arena blast

At least 19 people are confirmed dead and 59 other injured

British police have confirmed 19 people have been killed in what’s being treated as a terrorist incident at Manchester Arena, after an Ariana Grande concert Monday night.

Police are warning people to stay away from the area as emergency services work to examine the scope of the suspected attack.

Main developments:

The latest toll from Monday night’s explosion is 19 people dead and around 59 injured, Greater Manchester, Police say.

A suicide bombing is currently the most likely reason for the blast, law enforcement says, with a man at the scene identified as the probable attacker.

Victoria University

Eyewitnesses reported panic at the arena after the explosion, with young teenagers left unattended and parents desperately searching for their children.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has suspended her campaign in the wake of the incident, which she condemned as “appalling terrorist attack”.

Investigations are still continuing and police are asking people to stay away from the arena. Dozens are waiting at hospitals for news of their loved ones.

Manchester Hospital blocked off

Only essential staff are being allowed into the Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital due to what staff are calling a “major incident.”

Meanwhile family members wait outside for updates on their loved ones.

“My grandad was inside. He was waiting for us on the level below and he was hit by the blast. He’s in hospital with a head injury,” 17-year-old Ellie Ward told CNN.

Another local woman, who asked not to be named, said she was waiting for her mother and sister who were injured in the blast while waiting for her sister’s two nieces.

Source: CNN



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