Uganda migrant workers travel free, get special sim cards

Remittances from Ugandans working abroad

Mr. Pius Bigirimana, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, has said coordination with other agencies like the Directorate of Immigration, ISO, ESO and the Police has been improved at all exit points to prevent human trafficking.

“A four party employment contract which makes the recruitment company both in Uganda and in the recipient country jointly and severally liable for any breach of a worker’s contract has been adopted,” he told press in Kampala on Monday.

So far, two Bilateral Labour Agreements have been signed between the Government of Uganda and the respective Governments of the kingdom of 2 Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Only foreign recruitment companies that have been accredited by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development on the recommendation of Uganda’s Mission accredited to the prospective recipient country will be allowed to recruit domestic workers from Uganda, he noted.

“All demand letters and powers of attorney from foreign recruitment agencies to recruitment agencies in Uganda will be vetted by Uganda’s Mission accredited to the prospective recipient country.”

Victoria University

Bigirimana said every prospective employment contract for domestic workers will be authenticated by Uganda’s mission accredited to the prospective recipient country before a domestic workers is cleared to leave.

“The foreign recruitment company will not transfer responsibility over a domestic worker to an individual. In other words, a foreign recruitment company will retain full responsibility over any worker recruited from Uganda during the contract period.”

The Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies has agreed to establish an Emergency Fund that will cater for, operations of a transit centre at Entebbe and in recipient countries; supporting emergency medical services and repatriation; and psychosocial support and legal aid.

Mr. Pius Bigirimana, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

Every migrant worker will undergo mandatory Pre-departure Orientation and Training prior to exit 3 clearance by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

In Saudi Arabia and Jordan (Countries with whom Uganda has concluded Bilateral Agreements), only licensed recruitment companies will be allowed to recruit workers from Uganda.

Bigirimana says Jordan and Saudi Arabia have developed online systems for tracking the recruitment and location of domestic migrant workers and have accepted to submit quarterly reports on the status of each and every Ugandan worker.

All domestic workers are provided with a telephone Sim Card on arrival by the respective Governments of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Some companies will soon begin issuing cell phones.

“The Saudi Government has developed a system for monitoring the payment of wages of domestic workers. A number of recruitment companies in Saudi Arabia and Jordan have developed internal complaints and redress mechanisms for domestic workers.”

He said the lifting of the ban on the externalisation of domestic workers is effective for only countries that have concluded a Bilateral Labour Agreement with Uganda.

“Fifty thousand shillings as administrative costs for recruitment and deployment (ii) Other fees to cover: a)Joining air ticket; b)Interpol clearance; c) Trade testing where applicable; d)Medical examination; e)Inoculation (including yellow fever); f) Visa; and g)Placement fees. 7. Placement fees should be collected from a candidate for work abroad only and only after the worker has signed the Employment Contract.”

“Furthermore, such payments should be covered by receipts clearly showing the amount and purpose of the payment,” Bigirimana pointed out, adding,  “although the law permits the charging of recruitment, placement and related fees, the nature and amount of fees paid by Ugandan candidates for migrant work abroad varies by country and occupation.”

He said domestic workers destined for Saudi Arabia and Jordan, all the recruitment and placement costs are covered. This includes air ticket, visa fee, passport, medical and inoculation.

“Therefore candidates for domestic work destined for Saudi Arabia and Jordan must not pay any fee whatsoever. This principle will apply to all other countries with whom the 5 Government is going to conclude Bilateral Labour Agreements.”

He said visa and air ticket costs are covered for other categories of workers (professionals, Drivers, labourers etc) destined for Saudi Arabia.

“Therefore no worker in this category destined for Saudi Arabia should foot costs for the air ticket and visa.”

All the recruitment, placement and related costs are fully covered for workers destined for Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia hence migrant workers to these countries will not pay anything.

The list of licensed recruitment companies:

  1. 2 Niles Public Relations Agency Limited (Plot 1846, Omulen Close, Nsambya, opposite Human Rights House)
  2. The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Rd, Luzira)
  3. Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya)
  4. J. A. G. Security Group Limited (Plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu)
  5. Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Rd, Bulange Mengo)
  6. Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Bakuli, Hoima Rd, opposite Old Kampala Primary School)
  7. Maghrib Agencies Limited(Plot 161 Entebbe Road, Najjanankumbi Stella opposite Nyondo)
  8. Saracen (U) Limited (Plot 15, Impala Avenue, Kololo)
  9. Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Plot 29, Ntinda-Nakawa Rd)

10.International Employment Linkages (U) Limited (Plot 173, Mutesa IIRd Ntinda)

11.Middle East Consultants Limited (Plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga)

12.Competitive Manpower International Limited(Beta House, Kigowa, Ntinda)

13.Round-Off International Limited (Seguku)

14.Karibun International Limited (Najjanankumbi next to Kenjoy Supermarket)

15.Mobile Labour International Limited (Unik House, Kyaliwajjara – Namugongo Road)

16.Horeb Services (U) Limited (Mbogo House, Wankulukuku opposite Kitebi SS)

17.Paval Consult Limited (Plot 246, Nabunya Road, Jerifa House)

18.Axis Warriors Limited (Plot 22, Bunyonyi Drive, Bugolobi-Kataza)

19.Reliable Logicians Uganda Limited (Plot 2010/2012, Portbell Rd, Luzira)

20.Fountain Security Services Limited (Plot 254, Kizza Road, Makindye Lukuli Kizungu Zone)

21.SWATT Services Limited (Plot 3812, Busabala Close, Muyenga)

22.Kamed L. S. (U) Limited (8th Street Industrial Area, Kisugu, Namuwongo)

23.Geo-Jet Placements Limited (Plot 1, Kimera Road, Ntinda Shopping Centre, Room D11, 2nd Floor)

24.Al-Madinah Agency Limited (Bukoto, Near Bukoto Heights)

25.Detail Protection Services Limited (Plot 561, Lubaga Road)

26.Gulf Exponents Limited (Plot 24A Kiwafu Crescent Road)

27.True North Consult Limited (Plot 20-24 Spring Road, Bugolobi)

28.Verdant Pastures Agency (U) Limited (Lubaga Road)

29.Link 5 Limited (Plot 47, Martyr’s Way, Ntinda) 2

30.Eskom Link Limited(Bamako Arcade, Entebbe Rd)

31.Sauman Services Ltd. (Peace Building, Kabalagala, next to Orient Bank)

32.KHM International Consultants Ltd. (Kibuga Block 101/393, Nabulagala Road).

33.Elmvale Agency Limited(Old Port Bell road next to Uganda Batteries).

34.Global Manpower Solutions .U. Limited (Plot 4605 KiwatuleRd, Buye – Ntinda)

35.Essential Communications Limited (Plot 74, Kanjokya Street)

36.Malisu Apollo Investments Limited (MTAC Building – Nakawa)

37.Spin Labour Consultants Limited (Mengo) 38.Trustin Company Limited (Mutungo Zone 4)

39.AmiyalSefer Limited (Buziga – Konge, next to the Water Pump)

40.Golden Arm Limited (Mugerwa Close, Gogonya Road, Nsambya behind Joint Medical Stores)

41.Alasker International Limited (Kampala Road E-Tower, Room No F3, 6th Floor) 42.St. Augustine International University Limited (Bunga Hill)

43.Gulf Recruitment Services Limited (Luwafu Road, Makindye)

44.Archeris New Limited (Seguku, Entebbe Road)

45.RaamaAfricano (U) Limited (Plot 6487, Katuso Rise, Buziga)

46.ABS Consulting Group Limited (Pilkington Road, Workers House 9th Floor)

47.Global Hope Holdings International Limited (Plot 414, Mobutu Road, Makindye Madirisa opposite St. Luke Church)

48.Cella Investments Limited (Plot 60 Gayaza Road, Kumunana Stage)

49.Bright Star Creations International Limited (Plot 89 Bukoto Street)

50.Jericho International Uganda Limited (Luwum Street, Kizito Towers, 4th Floor)

51.Azar International Services Limited (Room 260 Mackay Plaza, Kyagwe Road)

52.ISAB International Limited(Plot 1, Lordel Road, Lourdel Towers 5th Floor)

53.Future 4 Life Limited (Office No. 5, Sombe Supermarket, Mukono)

54.Tusano Combined Uganda Limited (Plot 149, Rubaga Road, Access Building)

55.Alsalam Logistics & Consultancy Limited(Plot 023, Dr Sembeguya Road, Kawempe)

56.Provio International Limited (Bukoto-Kisasi Road)

57.Abroad Placement U Limited (Plot 141 Kira Road Kamuwokya)

58.Ridar Uganda Limited (Plot 160/04 Namilyango Road, SeetaMukono)

59.Creative Group International Limited (Sentema Road, Mengo)

60.Afrisky International Limited (Plot 882 Kisasi Road)

61.Jabez Consultants Limited(Plot No. 208, Bombo Road, Ketifalawo Zone – Kawempe)

62.Alkareb Limited (Kyagwe Road, Room 336 Equatoria Mall)

63.Greener Pastures Overseas Consultants Limited(Kabalagala opposite Shell Petrol Station)

64.Explorer Dubai Limited(Namugongo, Old Kira Road)

65.Ez Visa Kampala (Plot 26, Wampewo Avenue, Bakwanye House)



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