Nankabirwa: We’re slow, people are going to Moon, Mars

First astronaut walking on Mars planet and seeing the earth and moon in the pink background

Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, says Ugandans are still slow when it comes to innovations and the transfer of technology.

She said the country is still behind yet other countries are doing wonders including going to the other planets like the Moon and Mars.

“We are not matching the speed of innovation; people are going to the Moon and others are planning to go to Mars,” she said while appearing on NBS TV Monday morning.

“While you sit down comfortably, some people are creating systems to disrupt these cameras,” she said while explaining the need for innovations in the field of security.

Security is elusive, Nankabirwa noted, adding that one can’t sit down because one has installed cameras and say everything is fine.

Victoria University

“We have to keep learning. Cracking the whip is not a solution, consistency turns into a solution in the long run.”

She said that as citizens gain independence, liberation and confidence in freedoms, hesitation towards government programmes is bound to happen.

She was referring to the current row between the executive and legislature concerning the verification and switch off sim cards.

Parliament passed a motion urging government to extend SIM card verification for not more than one year but ICT minister, Frank Tumwebaze, ordered sim cards switched off all the same.

Nankabirwa says what government had to do was to call the stakeholders and do an analysis; and is what happened on Friday.

“What Minister Tumwebaze did was a decision of Cabinet and we planned to brief Parliament on Tuesday,” she explained, adding, “The minister acted on collective responsibility, he didn’t disrespect the Speaker. There was lack of communication because a lot was happening.”

According to her, Parliament is not at loggerheads with the Cabinet. Parliament will be briefed on Tuesday.



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