Ex-UIA boss wants law for Chinese selling pancakes

Frank Sebbowa, former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority

Former Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director, Frank Ssebbowa, has suggested a law prohibiting foreigners especially Chinese who come to Uganda to do petty businesses.

The former investment authority boss was appearing on “NBS Face Off” programme Sunday evening.

When asked what he thought of foreigners doing petty businesses in Kampala, Ssebbowa said it was not their fault since there was no law prohibiting them from doing such.

“There are more Ugandans out there than foreigners here,” he said.

He then queried: “Do we have a law that limits a Chinese to sell pancakes on the streets? Whose fault is it then?”


Ssebbowa suggested that the best thing for Uganda to do is have things in order.

“Let us put a law to define what foreigners can do here.”

Last week, a Chinese national, Keliang Zhang, 35, was remanded to Luzira prisons by Buganda Road Grade one magistrate, Marion Mangeni for vending bales of worn-out underwear.

Magistrate Mangeni charged Zhang with two counts of selling and being in possession of worn-out bales of undergarments on April 27, 2017 at Junhao Trade Company Limited along Kafumbe Mukasa road in Kampala.

In August, 2016, Civil Society Organisations petitioned Parliament, calling for a ban on used underpants, knickers, brassieres, vests, night dresses and other second-hand clothes on account of being unhygienic.



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