Museveni, Amin, Obote same-Rwakafuzi

Lawyer Rwakafuzi

Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, a human rights advocate, sees no difference between President Yoweri Museveni and his predecessor terror regimes of Idi Amin Dada and Milton Obote 11.

Rwakafuzi made the comparison on Thursday night while appearing on NTV political programme “On The Spot” alongside Butambala county MP, Muwanga Kivumbi and deputy government spokesperson, Rtd Col Shaban Bantariza.

“I was surprised when the First Lady [Janet Kataaha Museveni] back in 2006 supported the violence against Kizza Besigye when they sprayed him with pepper,” he said.

According to Rwakafuzi, Museveni just learnt from his forerunners and still uses torture to quell dissent across the country just as Amin and Obote did before he fought them and removed them from power.

“Amin, Obote II and now Museveni are using torture against perceived opponents in the same way,” the lawyer concluded.


His assertion was backed by MP Kivumbi who blamed partisan politics for the increase of torture in the country.

He cited a case of police officers saying some are just fighting for money.

“How does 3 year old participate in terrorism? Under what law must they be arrested?” Kivumbi wondered.

Kivumbi said torture has been a growing disease in Uganda, naming a one ‘Mutoto Wa Acholi’ who heads torture at Nalufenya detention facility now turned into a death chamber.

According to the legislator, the president’s letter on torture to security chiefs was something between justifying torture and condemning it.

“In another country, the president could go to national television and apologise as the commander-in-chief.”

Bantariza defends government

Government mouthpiece Bantariza started by condemning torture, saying no one in Uganda should die at the hands of anyone except maybe at the gallows.

“Museveni asked the Inspector General of Police [Kale Kayihura] to clean up the force and rid it of criminals that have infiltrated it,” Bantariza noted.

He said these criminals [in police] are the ones torturing people.

Bantariza further denied reports that government is profiling and arresting Muslims saying there are Muslims in his home district [Bushenyi] who haven’t been arrested.



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