Matembe tells Ugandans to rise, stop fearing

Former ethics and integrity minister Miria Matembe.

Former Ethics minister, Dr Miria Matembe, said she normally laughs when people move around singing ‘Steady Progress’ yet the country is regressing in human rights, security and development.

“It’s sad, how can you say ‘Steady Progress’ when you’re not progressing. Where is the progress?” she said while “assessing President Kaguta Museveni on Security and the Economy” on NBS TV last night.

“I usually laugh at these Ugandan who say ‘Steady Progress’; why can’t they see that we are in reverse gear!”

Matembe said the level of loss of souls in this country is terrible and that the people need to get saved.

“I want to remind Ugandans that the politics of deceit, money and patronage can’t save this country. The same president who wrote the manifesto of ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo’ is same person who said he is not our servant.”

Victoria University

She wondered how “a whole president can carry small bottles of water irrigating”.

“Ugandans must wake up. We can’t continue to be deceived. Ugandans should rise up and stop fearing. Ugandans should come out to challenge inequalities, corruption and torture of fellow Ugandans.”

According to Matembe, the biggest resource of any country is human resource.

“This is a military government, they don’t know how to work with civilians.”

Matembe also used the opportunity, to pay tribute to Mzee Boniface Byanyima who she called a role model “and had an impact on many of us”.

She also wondered why the state is taking over the burial of Mzee Byanyima yet they failed to recognise him when he was still alive.



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