Video: Museveni laughs as man is jailed for stealing sugar


A man in Lira district has been jailed for eight months for stealing 5kg of sugar and other commodities.

According to Daily Monitor, Lira Chief Magistrates Court sentenced Jasper Okeng on Tuesday for the crime of theft.

Chief Magistrate Alex Mushabe Kirocho sentenced Okeng to prison after he was found guilty of breaking into Oyuku Ojok’s house and making away with foodstuff including; simsim, groundnuts, peas and five kilos of sugar.

He is said to have committed the act on April 26, 2017.

Victoria University

On May 9, Oyuku’s wife, Molly Grace, caught Okeng returning to their house to steal more stuff.

The unlucky fellow was reported to police and quickly arrested.

Museveni laughs in ‘old video’

Meanwhile, dissatisfied tweeps have already uncovered a purported old video of a young President Yoweri Museveni laughing at the then sugar crisis.

In the video, Museveni attacks smugglers who used to hoard sugar and inflate prices during the time of President Idi Amin Dada.

“People are there, no sugar…hnh…how can this confusion go on?” Museveni wondered.

“Now the smugglers are very worried about this. Hnh, very worried. They  don’t like Museveni. And they say this is communism.”


Museveni accompanies the sentence with a mock laughter in the video whose authenticity we could not verify.

He further explains that this is about stopping hoarding and smuggling.

“These are just wajinga [fools]. We will not be intimidated by these fellows. Something is sold two times because of speculation. Eeh?” a then determined and energetic Museveni said, while putting a stop to black market.

The tweeps are no wondering what happened to the Museveni of that time who cared about the people and did everything possible to take charge of the economy.

It is also not clear what that Museveni [holding his AK7 known as “Rwitabagoomi”-the weapon that tames unruly people) would do if he met the Museveni of today waltzing on the pavements of State House.

Sugar crisis worsens

This week, sugar prices had galloped to an unreasonable Shs8,000 before government intervened and set a ceiling price of sh5,000.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Amelia Kyambadde, directed that sugar be sold at a fixed retail price of not more than sh5,000 per kilogram countrywide.

She said government had agreed with traders to reduce the retail prices of sugar which was fluctuating between Shs6,000 and Shs7,000 per kilogram at various retails shops across the country.

“With the price ceiling, the ministry is convinced that the sugar supply situation should stabilise by the end of this month and market speculation should not arise,” she said.

The Ministry will monitor sugar supply stocks from millers, distributors 2 ensure that retail price of sugar does not exceed UGX 5k per kg.

Kyambadde blamed the rising costs of sugar on prolonged drought for a period of over 9 months, which has led to the scarcity of sugarcane and also led to the harvesting of immature sugar cane.

On the other hand, Democratic Party [DP] president, Norbert Mao, accuses government officials of hoarding sugar in their stores to escalate the prices.

Mao says prices of other commodities like matooke, fuel, maize flour, and drugs are on the rise because of “high taxes imposed by the regime corrupt officials”.



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