Cricket Cranes gets Shs72m jerseys


Cricket Cranes will don Black, Yellow and Red jerseys during the May 23-31 ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament.

Previously it was predominantly yellow with a couple of black and yellow shades and stripes.

Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) and sponsors Mehta Group announced the development worth about $20,000 (Shs72m).

“It is a pleasure to be part of the Cricket Cranes. Our company employs over 10,000 people and we own a team (Kolkata Knight Riders) in the Indian Premier League that is in the semi-finals. So we want Cricket Cranes to emulate such success,” said Mehta Group’s Parimal Bhattacharya.

“What we are unveiling today is total class that we got from Australia, England and Pakistan,” said Jeremy Kibuukamusoke, the UCA Board Member in charge of the National Teams.

Victoria University

“Looking at our team, the youngsters and seniors are blending well. We want that to be reflected in the colours of the jerseys. Red, Yellow and Black represent Uganda,” Kibuukamusoke added.

Frank Nsubuga who started playing international cricket in 1997 when he represented East and Central Africa in the ICC Trophy aged just 16 believes this is the best squad he has ever been part of.

“Compared to others, this team has the better team spirit and a good blend of youth and experience.”



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