I’ll solve your problems if you vote NRM candidate, Museveni tells Katakwi

Museveni campaigns for NRM candidate, Joseph Kuluo, in Toroma County, Katakwi, parliamentary by-election on Tuesday

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday campaigned in Toroma County, Katakwi, for the NRM candidate, Joseph Kuluo, ahead of a parliamentary by-election.

Museveni urged voters to base their choices not on physical preference or relationship but choose a party that will solve their problems.

“While some parties peddle lies, the NRM specialises in truth and we believe in prioritisation,” he said.

“We don’t just talk. We know that there are initiatives that spur development, for example, peace, infrastructure, and these are the ones we have been working on mainly.”

Museveni said Katakwi now is talking about re-demarcating boundaries with animal reserves/parks. In the past, this was not possible because of insecurity. It was a major issue his government had to deal with.


“I have contacted the wildlife authority to tell us the real boundaries and it will sit with the political leaders and sort this out.”

On the development front, he said government is tarmacking the road from Soroti-Katakwi-Moroto.

“We are also working on Soroti-Serere among others. What is important is for you to engage in enterprises that will improve your personal income.”

Museveni said the idea is that “you must get wealth in your home, because development is for all of us but household income is personal”.

He said government was monitoring the issue of famine and will assist the affected areas.

“I request you to vote Mr Joseph Andrew Kuluo, so that we work together and improve the welfare of Toroma Constituency and Katakwi district in general.”

One year ago, Museveni took oath of office for a new term as President following the overwhelming endorsement of the NRM and my candidacy by Ugandans.

“I want to thank all Ugandans who took part in the election exercise and importantly voted for the NRM. I also thank the thousands who turned up at Kololo Airstrip to witness the swearing-in plus the millions others who followed proceedings on TV and other platforms.”

“Like I promised,” he went on, “our target is to ensure Uganda becomes a middle income country by the close of this term. We have already embarked on that journey.”

The government is doing everything possible to ensure this target is achieved.

“I ask you, my fellow countrymen, and women, to also play your part. At the State of Nation Address next month, I will offer a detailed report on what has been achieved so far and what more we should do and will do.”




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