Hunger kills child as Kanungu residents eat grass

A woman eats grass on directions of her pastor

At least one child is reported to have died in Kanungu district due to the hunger that is grinding the residents to near demise.

According to Uganda Radio Network [URN, several families in Kanungu district are surviving on spear grass locally known as “Omushojwa” for survival as the food crisis bites hard.

Gad Kyomuhangi, the Kanungu LCV vice chairperson, told URN one child died due to hunger in Matanda village in Kihihi Sub County.

Kyomuhangi said the residents lost their crops to the prolonged drought, which started in November last year.

The most affected areas are in Kihihi, Nyamirama, Nyakinoni and Nyanga Sub counties.

Victoria University

The food crisis has forced residents to resort to the blades of spear grass, which they prepare and eat as food.

Allen Kemigisha, a resident of Rwemishinya cell in Nyamirama Sub County, told URN he hasn’t harvested any crops since the area was hit by drought in November last year.

Kemigisha says she is struggling to feed her family of five children because she doesn’t have money to buy food.

She now Kemigisha harvests the blades of spear grass, which she prepares for her children.

Willy Bakiga, a resident of Kihihi Sub County, also told URN he and other residents also survive on spear grass for survival.

He blames the prolonged drought on environmental degradation.



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