Burundi soldiers in dock over attack on military camp

Burundi soldiers appearing before court

Seven soldiers belonging to the Burundian army were on Tuesday paraded before the High Court for alleged involvement in an attack on an army encampment.

Armed men in January attacked Mukoni military camp in Muyinga province in northern Burundi.

According to SOS Media Burundi, seven soldiers were arrested after they were accused of collaborating with the assailants.

Their case has not yet been examined in detail because of the absence of the defense attorneys.

According to the relatives of the military officials, the lawyers couldn’t move to the court of Muyinga due to the shortage of fuel.

Victoria University

The date of the next hearing has not been announced.

On Monday, the soldiers appeared before the tribunal de Grande instance (TGI) in Muyinga and were charged for their involvement in the attack on the military camp in the night of January 24, 2017.

The Defence asked for the transfer of their file to the council of war.

The decision on this point is expected within a month.



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