Burundi police seizes guns, grenades from bandits

Burundi police officers pursue a suspect

Burundi police force says it has recovered guns and grenades from bandits in the central part of the country.

Police seized the two rifles (Kalashnikov type) and three grenades, on the hill Nyarunazi in the commune of Rutegama, Muramvya Province, last night.
The provincial commissioner of police, Isidore Ryakiye, told SOS Media Burundi that the two people who were in possession of these weapons have been arrested.

They are currently detained in police dungeons in Gitega.

According to the provincial commissioner, the suspects were part of a group of bandits who have been terrorising the provinces of Gitega, Muramvya and Mwaro.

Following the arrest, police on Wednesday morning raided the northern part of the country in search for weapons.


The operation started this morning in a few streets of district 3.

“When they came in, one of the policemen gave me ‘bring the weapons that you will use the 20’. I don’t understand what he meant. They searched, they found nothing but took my servant because he was not included in the book of household even if he had his ID,” a witness told SOS Media.

According to the inhabitants of this neighbourhood, nothing illegal was found.



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