Broke cop sells bullets at Shs6,000


A broke and desperate police officer is under custody for peddling bullets at as cheap as Shs6,000.

Corporal Karim Bamugireko attached to the construction unit of police, according to Uganda Radio Network [URN], was arrested by Police Professional Standards Unit on Friday.

It was later discovered that the cop was selling government stores stock including bullets and handcuffs.

The commandant PSU Joel Aguma, acting on intelligence information that the officer and others still at large, have been selling bullets at Shs6,000 set a trap that Bamugireko end up in the coolers.

He was arrested from Naguru, in the outskirts of Kampala.

Victoria University

Bamugireko, at the time of arrest, had just received Shs400,000 from the buyers in exchange for 63 bullets.

Preliminary investigations reveal that Bamugireko had also previously sold out two handcuffs at Shs100,000 and was planning to sell another 35 bullets.

A search at his home in Naguru Police Barracks on Saturday led to the recovery of 36 other bullets and 5 handcuffs.




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