Tamale ‘defeats’ Mengo, returns to NBS show amid UCC threat


Loudmouth and presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, on Tuesday re-appeared for NBS TV’s popular Tuesday morning show, ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’.

This comes shortly after Uganda Communications Commission issued a 60-day notice threatening to revoke the television’s licence over the conduct and language used by the president’s mouthpiece during this show.

In notice dated May 11, UCC executive director, Godfrey Mutabazi, said the commission was appalled and takes strong exception to the conduct and language used by Mirundi while on air.

On May 9, Mirundi lost his temper and nearly exchanged blows with the programme host, Simon Muyanga Lutaaya, after he questioned him about copies of his purported lease application, seen earlier circulating on social media yet he is one of the critics of the lease promotion campaign.

Mirundi had lashed at Buganda Land Board (BLB) and kingdom officials over the ongoing campaign dubbed ‘Ekyaapa mu Ngalo’ aimed at strengthening security of tenure for tenants on the kingdom land.

Victoria University

The kingdom is using the drive to issue leasehold certificates of title to tenants on Kabaka’s land, a drive Mirundi denies taking part in.

Mirundi softens

On Tuesday, Mirundi returned to his show and shared a reconciliatory moment with the host, Muyanga Lutaaya, before the television’s viewers.

“Muyanga Lutaaya you were my leading counsel in defeating the people in Mengo. They are now quiet. I defeated them,” Mirundi said.

He added: “You made a mistake and I overreacted. I overreacted because you didn’t have what I wanted. Mengo is quiet, I defeated them.”

Lutaaya and Mirundi agreed that something went wrong last week.

The host then apologised to the audience.

Karisa agrees to review show

Kin Karisa, the chief executive officer of NBS, says they have since undertaken an internal review of the programme which will be discussed with UCC.

He acknowledged being persoanlly concerned over the strong language used by Mirundi.

UCC’s director for corporate affairs, Fred Otunnu, told press the notice issued to NBS TV is not about the personality but the content of the program.



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