Don’t politicise wealth creation, warns Maj Nkojo

OWC public relations officer, Maj James Nkojo

Operation Wealth Creation Programme [OWC] public relations officer, Maj James Nkojo, has warned the public against politicising the programme which was specifically designed to transform the country’s agrarian economy.

Maj Nkojo made the remarks last Thrusday 11th May 17 during a radio discussion at 94.1 Bilal FM.

“I thank you for having invited me here as a witness to yesterday and today in regard to OWC, in as much the as duty to remember can be a springboard to the future,” he later said.

According to him, its is therefore important to know the challenges Ugandans are facing in the course of the social economic transformation spearheaded by OWC.

“In execution of our oversight role we shall not allow to sit idly and see these institutions which are supported by millions of shillings produced out of sweat and blood of our colleagues to be centres of anti-Government activities.”

Victoria University

The Major says his team recognises that some people and leaders have been subjected to successive intellectual fashions born in the west and have hardly provided viable inspirational sources for Transformation which translate into the betterment of Uganda.

He said that is why OWC model is purely Ugandan to allow the participatory approach, which will foster this Country into the middle-income status.

“OWC design was by none other than Gen Salim Saleh. Thumbs up Affande! No foreign input of any sort.”

He added: “As OWC we have a moral obligation to ourselves and humanity to put the sector in order and think ourselves out of the current economic predicament.”

Maj Nkojo urged Ugandans to stop politicising the Programme quoting the words of a Nigerian playwright and Nobel winning author, Wole Soyinka, an “author of the languages that tries to speak the truth to power”.

“Ugandans should know OWC is the force to cause social economic transformation of this country.”

Maj Nkojo has carried similar messages on UBC Star TV and 88.5 Super FM, among other platforms.




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