Stella Nyanzi: I’m a fugitive for rejecting leopard, leopardess & cub


Makerere University researcher, Dr Stella Nyanzi, says she is now a fugitive in her own country following her psychological standoff with Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, and her husband, President Yoweri Museveni, who she called “a pair of buttocks”.

“I am now a fugitive in my own country,” said Nyanzi in a social media statement on Monday, following her release from Luzira prison last week.

Buganda Road Court granted her a Shs10m non-cash bail last Wednesday on condition that she personally returns to court on May 25.

The 42-year-old social critic was charged on April 10, 2017 under section 24, and 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011.

Prosecution alleges that on January 28, 2017 she used a computer to post on her Facebook page “Stella Nyanzi” and made a suggestion against Museveni, which is obscene or indecent under the law.


Nyanzi says she is now a fugitive

Nyanzi says that although she “was released from prison on bail, I cannot go back to my own home because the dictatorial regime’s security goons still await for me there”.

“I cannot live with my children because they were evacuated from our home and now live hidden from my assailants.”

Nyanzi claims she “cannot move about freely because the goons are looking for me. I cannot make a phone call without hearing their tapping machines eavesdropping”.

“My family, friends and allies who are looking out for my safety are so fearful of the despotic regime’s punitive and vengeful abilities that they do not allow me to live freely. What liberty is this if a mother cannot live with her children?”

According to her, Uganda’s Criminal Investigation Department is full of criminals who make up charges, doctor evidence like magicians, tell lies while under oath, and work with “mask-wearing rogues” in the police Field Force Unit [FFU] who “brutally kidnap” their targets.

Rather than summon individuals to the police stations for statement-taking, these criminals masquerading as investigators trail their victim all over the land, and put trails even on close relatives, Nyanzi states.

She says when they fail to get their targets; these “goons abduct and detain” their young children and other dependants.

“Who will clean the police from these deep stains from the despotic regime? Our nation is now a prison. Perhaps I was safer and freer behind bars in Luzira.”

She says Uganda is a dangerous place to live in, particularly for those who reject the “illegitimate leadership of the despotic leopard, its foolish leopardess and the future reign of the promiscuous leopard-cub”.

“The leopards want to shut the mouths of those of us who refuse their continued misrule of Uganda. When we refuse to shut up, to cut out our dissenting tongues, the leopards use heavy state-machinery to cause us to fear.”

She adds: “I refuse this intimidation into silence. I refuse to stop poking the leopards’ anuses. I am going to continue poke-poking all the leopards’ anuses until either Uganda is free from the leopards or my death. This fugitive is not shutting up!”

Nyanzi’s fatal brush with Janet

Nyanzi’s brush with Janet came from the First Lady’s promise of sanitary pads to schoolchildren, which were never delivered.

“They lie that there is no money to buy sanitary pads that were promised to school girls in Uganda, but the government is spending 470 Million Uganda Shillings to treat the wife of demoted former Prime Minister of Uganda who not only contested for presidency in the last elections, but also petitioned the Constitutional Court against the botched election processes and outcome. And the state thinks that I am the insane one. Poo! Who is bewitching Uganda?” Nyanzi lashed out.

She added: “Why don’t we have a supplementary budget giving sanitary pads to school girls? Why is it more important to buy the silence, inertia and complicity of the good old presidential candidate, than fulfilling the promise for sanitary pads?”

She further queried: “At what point did national budgetary priorities become about pacifying, defanging and emasculating the opposition? Why is there no money in government for the masses yet there is simultaneously lots of money in government for wives of a few big men in Uganda?”

She claimed that the “wives of big men” in Uganda are haemorrhaging the country dead and maintained that Uganda needs to wear big sanitary pads to stop these losses of life-giving blood.

The researcher, famous for stripping naked to get back her office at Makerere Institute of Social Research [MISR], was quickly arrested and locked away.

According to prosecution, between January and March 2017 in Kampala district, Nyanzi wilfully and repeatedly used electronic communication to post offensive messages via her Facebook account, transmitted over the internet to disturb the peace or right of privacy of the President with no purpose of legitimate communication.

High Court Judge, Elizabeth Kabanda, later forwarded her case to Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court, saying it has powers to hear the application under the Mental Treatment Act (MTA).




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