Women take part in future of Somalia forces


Years of violent conflict took a toll on the capacity of Somalia’s once robust police force.

The collapse of the State, police systems and other national security apparatus led to a devastating breakdown in rule of law and increased criminality, impacting on the public’s ability to feel safe.

The peacekeeping intervention of the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) in 2007 (AMISOM Police in 2009), was welcomed as an opportunity by the local communities who before had had no option of recourse in the face of the rampant lawlessness, to reclaim their peaceable way of life.

More than 6,000 men and women, from the older generation and youth currently make up Somalia’s growing Federal and State Police Forces.

These community members have made it their life’s mission to courageously train and transform into the best officers they can become – officers capable of maintaining law and order and competently protecting lives and property in their communities.


The Somali people volunteering for police recruit know that without a capable police force, recovery for their country will remain elusive.



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