Uganda police deports Rwandan murder fugitive


Rwanda National Police (RNP), on Wednesday received a fugitive at Gatuna border post, who had escaped prison and fled to Uganda.

Jovan Rugamba was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder in 2011, but escaped prison in February this year.

Uganda Police Force (UPF) arrested him late last month in Kawempe division in Uganda’s capital Kampala following an arrest warrant issued by Interpol-Kigali.

Ugandan Police officers handed over Rugamba, who committed the criminal offence in Kamonyi, to RNP at Gatuna border post.

RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege said that after the convict escaped prison, a red notice was issued through Interpol’s international communication system – 1-24/7.

Victoria University

“It was later confirmed that Rugamba had crossed and hiding in Uganda. As usual, we worked with Uganda Police Force, who tracked and arrested him last month, and deported him,” said ACP Badege.

He lauded the existing cross-border cooperation between Rwanda and Uganda police forces.

“Rugamba is not the first fugitive to be arrested in Uganda. There are many others arrested and deported or extradited before. This kind of fruitful cooperation even with other countries, continue to play a significant role in ensuring that justice is served and to fight cross-border and transnational crimes in general,” said ACP Badege.

In February this year, Uganda Police Force also deported two escapees; Boniface Ndimubanzi, genocide convict who was on life sentence, and Valence Ndikuryayo, who had been convicted for forgery and deceit.




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