UPDF officer dies as Kampala hospital refuses to treat hurt UNRA staff


A soldier in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] has passed on after getting involved in an accident along Gulu highway.

Cpl Albert Enegiu died in an incident that happened late last night at Migyera along Gulu road when an army vehicle crashed a small car carrying Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA] staff.

Shortly after the accident, a UPDF ambulance was dispatched to the scene to ferry the victims to Kampala for medical attention.

According to a source from UNRA, when the victims were taken to Kampala hospital, they were denied medical assistance.

“We were told that the doctors could not work on our staff. They said Kampala hospital’s insurance policy doesn’t work at night,” the source told Edge.

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“What kind of medical ethics are at work here?” the source queried, enraged.

Still in agony and in desperate hope of medical help, the injured UNRA staff were relocated to Case Clinic.

“Our people are still receiving attention at Case Clinic. One should be discharged this morning. One will stay admitted for now,” the UNRA source further told us this afternoon.

In a statement later today, UNRA said their Fleet assistant, David Okello, had a scan early this morning at Case Clinic that confirmed his knee injury did not affect the borne.

“The deep cut sustained on the knee has been stitched and he is now able to walk with little support,” the statement said.

Daniel Okello, the UNRA Mechanical Supervisor, was likely to be discharged later today.

“We appreciate your combined efforts and the alert sent out to us as soon as the accident happened yesterday evening. We appreciate the UPDF Medical Services Unit that provided an ambulance to the victims affected to Kampala for medical attention.”

The roads authority further extended its sympathies to the UPDF fraternity on the loss of their officer- Cpl Albert Enegiu who perished in the same accident.

Meanwhile, we are yet to establish whether Kampala hospital’s insurance policy works only during the day.

It is still too early to judge whether theirs is a fraud insurance policy or whether they are just a lousy hospital.



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