67th Fifa congress concludes in Manama, Bahrain


Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)’s 67th Congress has successfully ended in Manama City, Bahrain on Thursday.

All the 211 member associations including Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) convened in the day long congress that followed a series of confederation meetings earlier in the week.

Uganda was ably and heavily represented by the FUFA top brass officials led by President Eng. Moses Magogo, first Vice president Justus Mugisha and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Edgar Watson.

In the earlier CAF Congress, the FUFA President reaped big after the appointment on the CAF Executive committee as a co-opted member and on two organizing committees as Chairperson on the Beach Soccer and Futsal committee as well as vice chairperson on the women football organizing committee.

The supreme FIFA body a few important decisions to validate reports on FIFA’s activities in 2016, and, more importantly, to agree on key steps for the future of the organization.

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These included:

  • Approval of the detailed budget for 2018, with a total investment of USD 2.899 billion – 91% of which is allocated to football activities, chief among the organization of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • The ratification of the next stages of the bidding process to select the host(s) of the 2026 FIFA World Cup™.
  • Election of the members of the Audit and Compliance Committee, the Governance Committee and the judicial bodies.

Members of the judicial bodies, the Audit and Compliance Committee, and the Governance Committee

The 67th FIFA Congress has elected the members below, each for a term of office of four years, effective immediately:

Disciplinary Committee:

Chairman: Justice Anin Yeboah (Ghana)

Supreme Court Justice:

Deputy chairman: Alejandro Piera (Paraguay) – Lawyer and University Lecturer with extensive international experience

Members: Asia: Jo Setright (Australia), Yasser Al-Misehal (Saudi Arabia), Lim Kia Tong (Singapore)

Africa: Maclean Letshwiti (Botswana), Guy Akpovi (Togo), Mahmoud Hammami (Tunisia)

 Europe: Thomas Hollerer (Austria), Guðni Bergsson (Iceland), Andriy Pavelko (Ukraine)

North, Central America and Caribbean: Charlie Cuzzetto (Canada), Theresa Pitcairn (Cayman Islands), Mateo Fábrega (Panama)

 Oceania: Talissa Koteka (Cook Islands), Lord Ve’ehala (Tonga)

South America: Jorge Palacio (Colombia), Leonardo Stagg (Ecuador), Carlos Terán (Venezuela)

2. Appeal Committee:

Chairman: Thomas Bodström (Sweden) – Former Minister of Justice and elite football player

Deputy chairman: Neil Eggleston (USA) – Law Professor and Former White House Counsel


 Asia: Randall Cunliffe (Guam), Salman Al-Ansari (Qatar)

Africa: Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou (Cameroon), Alberto Simango (Mozambique)

Europe: Christian Andreasen (Faroe Islands), Larissa Zakharova (Russia)

North, Central America and Caribbean: Víctor Garza (Mexico), Oliver Smith (Turks and Caicos Islands)

 Oceania: Samuel Ram (Fiji), Dan Kakaraya (Papua New Guinea)

South America: Damian Dupiellet (Argentina), Laureano González (Venezuela)

Ethics Committee – investigatory chamber

Chairwoman: María Claudia Rojas (Colombia) – Former President of the Council of State

Deputy chairman: Bruno de Vita (Canada) – Queen’s Counsel

Deputy chairman: Martin Ngoga (Rwanda) – Former Prosecutor

General Members:

Asia: He Jiahong (China)

 Africa: Janet Katisya (Kenya)

Europe: Michael Llamas (Gibraltar)

North, Central America and Caribbean: José Ernesto Mejía (Honduras)

 Oceania: John Tougon (Vanuatu)

4 Ethics Committee – adjudicatory chamber

Chairman: Vassilios Skouris (Greece) – Former and longest-serving President of the European Court of Justice

Deputy chairman: Fiti Sunia (American Samoa) – Judge and Former Attorney

General Members:

 Asia: Mohammad Ali Al Kamali (United Arab Emirates)

 Africa: Justice Ayotunde Phillips (Nigeria)

Europe: Aivar Pohlak (Estonia)

North, Central America and Caribbean: Margarita Echeverría (Costa Rica)

Oceania: Jack Kariko (Papua New Guinea)

South America: Flavio Zveiter (Brazil)

5. Audit and Compliance Committee

Chairman: Tomaž Vesel (Slovenia) – President of the Court of Auditors in Slovenia

Deputy chairman: Christopher Mihm (USA) – Chair of the United Nations Independent Audit Advisory

Committee Members:

 Asia: Nakajima Yuuchiro (Japan)

 Africa: Andrew Kamanga (Zambia)

Europe: Ivančica Sudac (Croatia)

North, Central America and Caribbean: Enrique Bonilla (Mexico)

 Oceania: Rajesh Patel (Fiji)

 South America: Gustavo Favre (Chile)

6 Governance Committee

Chairman: Justice Mukul Mudgal (India) – Former Chief Justice Indian High Court

Deputy chairman: Olli Rehn (Finland) – Former Vice-President of the European Commission


Asia: Muhannad Fahmi Hamad (Bahrain)

Africa: Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco), Navi Pillay (South Africa – independent)

 Europe: Rainer Koch (Germany), Ron Popper (Switzerland – independent)

 North, Central America and Caribbean: Adela Torrebiarte (Guatemala), Molly Rhone (Jamaica – independent)

South America: Eduardo Ache (Uruguay), Felipe Cuantuarias (Peru – independent)

MAIN PHOTO: The 211 Members Associations of FIFA at the 67th Congress in Manama in Bahrain




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