Parents, village want Ndejje University student dead for being lesbian


Miriam Omar Nagawa a former university drop-out at Ndejje University is living in fear for her life following death threats from her parents and village residents who are accusing her of being a lesbian.

Nagawa is being accused for being a disgrace and bringing curse to the family and village after getting involved in lesbianism something they say is un-African and punishable by death according to African norms.

She says her troubles started after her partner one Julian Nakabugo recently publicly confessed that they are lesbians which resulted into her parents gravely assaulting her leading to loss of one of her eyes.

Following Nakabugo’s confession, Nagawa’s Islamic family launched a manhunt for her with the aim of secretly trying her under sharia law by calling the village members to stone her to death.

Ndejje university, under Anglican church of Uganda foundation with its renown position on anti-homosexuality stance, is also looking for her on behalf of the police for prosecution.

Police first arrested Nakabugo on June 5. She was subsequently detained on June 9 before being released on police bond after four days.

“The police are looking for me; my parents chased at home they want kill me and dropped out of school,” Nagawa recently told this website.

A source in Bwebajja told this investigative website that she was last seen in the area when angry residents wanted to lynch her for trying to lure their children into unnatural offenses.

The whereabouts of Nagawa a former renowned basket baller remains unknown up to date.




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